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Writer. Director. Producer. Freelance Editor.

I was born in Bandarawela, Sri Lanka and moved to the Philippines shortly after. At the age of six, I immigrated to Canada with my family. The transition wasn't easy, and as is the case with many, growing up was hard. I leaned on various forms storytelling to express myself - I dabbled in visual arts, poetry writing and making videos for my high school throughout my teen years. It wasn't until I took a university film history course that I realized my need to not only learn about films, but create them. 

I graduated from Sheridan College's Media Arts program in 2013, and there met my filmmaking and life long partner, Michael Peeling. Together with a group of other multi-talented folks, we formed Camp 905 Productions - a Hamilton-based filmmaker collective. 

Since then, I have been actively writing, directing and producing short films, while also delving into the commercial and corporate world as a freelance editor and producer. 



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